The truth about… my girl crush

Caitlin Moran

Just lately I’ve become a little bit enamoured of a certain columnist from The Times. Listen, I don’t buy newspapers – I rarely even watch The News for fear of glimpsing a headline so shocking that it might just prompt me to board up my doors and windows and stick my fingers in my ears until after the apocalypse.

I admit I slipped and my eye caught this “The teenage Good Samaritan beaten so badly his parents could not recognise him”, thank God the Telegraph kindly balanced it out with “Teen accidentally sends a Jamie Oliver Chilli Beef recipe as job application” – just about put the smile back on my face!

But I digress. My mum and dad get The Times now and I have the occasional flick through the colour supp, but Mum has begun to rip out pages to pass on to my sister and I and they nearly always consist of Caitlin Moran’s weekly column. I have to admit I’m now beginning to form a slight girl crush. The woman has a way with words (as you might expect from someone dubbed ‘Columnist of the Year’ – someone who was a published author at the age of 16).

She managed to make everything from fashion to hating her own cat amusing and recognisable.

Recently she wrote a piece on the whole ‘No More Page 3’ fiasco. which was bang on the money – pretty much addressing every spuriously vented rant in opposition to the NMP3 campaign which would label feminists as “UGLY JEALOUS LESBIANS”. She gets to the heart of the matter – this is not about censorship, this is about context – or as she would label it, having a topless model jaunting about in amongst serious news stories is “demented admin”, “incorrect filing”.

So I Wikipedia-ed her (poor woman, I’m in full cyber stalker mode here) and discovered that, in 2014, her Twitter feed was (controversially) added to the list of English A-level set texts! This seems like an ironic twist of fate considering she was home-schooled as a teenager and probably didn’t even take A-levels herself, instead launching into a journalistic career as a writer for Melody Maker aged 16…

I’d like to say that’s something I could aspire to, but unless I’m going to start the “un-aging” process, and become the female embodiment of Benjamin Button if you will (which my 5 year old seems to think will happen anyway as he keeps asking me what kind of birthday party I’ll have when I’m five) that would be a mental and physical impossibility.

I guess I just have to accept that we can’t all be Caitlin Moran.


And then the fun began...

21 thoughts on “The truth about… my girl crush

    • Oh wow!! You’re in the Midlands somewhere aren’t you? I know she grew up in Wolverhampton… I will immediately log on to Amazon and raid my piggy bank – what do you recommend first, How to Be a Woman, How to Build a Girl or Moranthology??

  1. Making everything amusing and recognisable, AND she’s wearing denim hotpants with tights and DMs (this is what I wore yesterday!!) (ok, I realise how much I’m discrediting her writing skills by talking about her looks – sorry!!!) – I think she might be MY new girl crush too! Sam, you have impeccable taste. I’m going to begin stalking her right away, starting with a copy of The Times on the way back from the nursery-run this morning!

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  2. Even as a bloke, I would thoroughly recommend her books – she’s a fantastic, witty writer who isn’t afraid to speak her mind. Even when I’ve disagreed with her, I understand and appreciate exactly where she’s coming from. She’s also married to music journo Pete Paphides, who’s a fantastic writer himself.
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    • I really think that it takes one in a thousand to have the confidence (or the connections?) to be able to go out and work your way into the media the way she did. I’m sure the reality was she was being paid enough to get into gigs, then sat at home writing reviews whilst her parents paid for everything else – she maybe wasn’t even on the staff of Melody Maker, but to have the talent and the confidence to put yourself out there and risk the rejection… Well as I say in this post – I wish I’d had it!! 🙂

    • He hee! I think I might have a cinema and pizza party! I have to just clarify that my girl crush is purely to do with her writing and ideas – I haven’t completely lost my marbles! X

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