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It's not my party and I'll cry if I want to

We’ve all been there – the supermarket meltdown, the strop at the leisure/garden centre doors, food on the wall, hand in the face.. Some days it’s enough to bring you to your knees. But then there are occasionally tantrums that start up for completely random reasons which are actually quite funny looking back.

The other day we went to Alice Holt Forest in Hampshire to celebrate my nephew’s third birthday. There are three months between him and EJ (EJ’s birthday is not til July) so there was a certain amount of stroppiness from my little one who didn’t like the fact that all the good stuff was aimed at his cousin not him. O came along with his new balance bike which EJ took a bit of a shine to and could only be briefly distracted by me producing his own scooter from the boot of the car. For a brief period they whizzed around together happily.

We had set up our picnic on one of the tables undercover nearby to the little café they have there – a nice central spot not too far from the fab playground and the toilets. The café had its doors open and we’d been in and out a couple of times for coffees. Inside the café is also a bank of freezers all full of different ice creams and lollies – honestly, you wouldn’t believe the selection!

As we were some distance from any roads or other dangers we weren’t too worried about letting the children play without hovering over them the whole time plus my mother in law brought a lot of stuff for the picnic and it took a bit of sorting to fit it all on the table and later weed out any rubbish. At one point one of us became aware that O and EJ were nowhere to be seen. Before we had time to panic though they both sailed out on their respective wheels from the direction of the café entrance, both proudly wielding a Haribo ice cream which I quickly noted they must have swiped from one of the lower freezers without anyone inside noticing! Cue massive meltdown as we wrested the booty back and took it inside to pay. EJ then went on to show no sign of wanting to eat the ice cream whatsoever so it was up to me to polish it off (all but the sweeties at the base). We have had a bit of a chuckle over this since dubbing them “the getaway kids” – the great ice cream heist of 2015!

Then one evening last week I was solo parenting at home while the hubster was down the gym when JJ asked to play outside in the back garden. It was one of those cold but bright days, having rained at some point earlier on, so I let him out and EJ followed. A little while later EJ came back and asked to have his shoes off to go on the trampoline so I obliged but made him take his socks off too so they didn’t get wet. JJ must have taken his own off. About ten minutes later they both came back saying the bottom of their trousers was wet so JJ took his off and EJ wanted his off too. Before too long JJ asked if he could take his t-shirt off and by this point I was starting to fear a bout of early summer pneumonia so I began to resist the idea. There was not a lot I could do to stop JJ though and EJ began to have a meltdown when I refused to take his top off and managed to pull his nappy off independently. JJ then ran in completely naked all bar a monkey shaped backpack and I had to run through to lock the back door to stop them both streaking the neighbours. Then they got a bit difficult to handle and I *almost* lost it before taking a step back and realising the absurdity of it all. Ah kids, gotta love ‘em.


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17 thoughts on “Hilarious in hindsight

    • Yep, not particularly unique I realise but unfortunately i didn’t have the foresight to snap a pic of bonnie & clyde as they sailed out of the cafe with their Haribo ice creams held aloft in triumph! (I so wish I had now!!). 🙂

  1. Chuckling over the ice cream heist and JJ streaking with his monkey-shaped backpack – these moments are so trying at the time but very funny afterwards. We’ve had a few times of nearly leaving somewhere with something we haven’t paid for thanks to small fingers – they’re never very impressed when we take it off them are they?!
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    • It was quite funny! I think the shops put everything within reach of little fingers as a cynical ploy so that we are obliged to buy them stuff we wouldn’t otherwise – darn them! 🙂 X

    • Oh a local girl! Alice Holt is fab isn’t it? Not so sure about the parking changes they’re making though – £1.80 an hour!! I think most little children couldn’t resist the temptation 🙂 X

  2. Great photo! Kids are so good at nabbing things they shouldn’t have aren’t they! I have lost count of the amount of times my daughter has swiped chewing gum in the supermarket, whilst sat in her buggy. I never notice until we get back to car and then have to do the walk of shame back to Customer Services to hand it back.
    Catherine @pushingthemoon recently posted…Wicked Wednesdays – TantrumMy Profile

    • I think my attitude to tantrums is subtly changing – yes they can push all the stress triggers but more and more I find myself wanting to laugh (which frankly, only seems to heighten the indignation! Whoops!). X

  3. I think children thieving from a shop is some sort of rite of passage; pretty sure most of them do it at some point. I remember Harry swiping sweets from a shop once and I hadn’t realised until we got home! Oops.
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