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I have to admit to having been in a bit of a post-Christmas/January funk lately and forgot to focus on the little flittery bits in each day or week, but now I’m back and ready to focus on what’s important in life – being happy and acknowledging the reasons why. So without further ado I will re-join the Little Loves gang (missed you guys!) with my weekly rundown:


I’ve taken quite a bit of a blog break lately which has been great time-wise as it means I’ve read two books recently – the first was Skios by one of my favourite authors Michael Frayn. I have to admit to being a bit disappointed, particularly with the ending – I felt that he had gotten bored with his own story and wrapped it up in a dubious fashion.

Look behind you cover

The second book was called ‘Look Behind You’ by Sibel Hodge. It was one of those recommendations that my Kindle throws up when you finish another novel and it looked interesting in the style of Gone Girl/Before You Go To Sleep and other psychological thrillers of that ilk. I enjoyed it and read it very quickly for me (I’m such a slow reader normally!) – it worked as escapism and as an easy read!


I’d heard so much good stuff about Broadchurch but I hadn’t seen the first series. I thought I’d plough on anyway with the second series but I only watched the first ten minutes or so before I realised that I had probably made a bit of a mistake because a) I didn’t know what the flip was going on and b) I now appear to know ‘who dun it’ so I’ve buggered it up if I want to watch the first series! Dammit!

I thought I’d have a peak at the new series of The Voice but I was a bit underwhelmed. The trouble with these shows which revolve around a judging panel is that two or three series down the line the judges just have nothing new or interesting to say which is when it gets boring.

My one ‘watched’ success story has been my back to back viewing of the second series of ‘The Following’ which I am getting through Lovefilm. I finally realised I had held on to one Lovefilm disk for over 6 months (!!) so I’m finally getting my money’s worth again!


I am currently loving ‘Wish you were mine’ by Philip George – I particularly love his squeaky voiced rendition of ‘My Cherie Amour’ by Stevie Wonder – bit like chipmunks on acid…


Nothing remotely comment-worthy!


Immunity boosting smoothieI bought myself a nice cheap Breville Active Blender a couple of weeks ago from Tesco (£15!!) but immediately shoved it in the back of a cupboard and promptly forgot about it. This week I decided to make the effort and dug it out. I have been suffering with a cough/cold  for over a month now and despite feeling like it is coming to a natural end (slowly but surely) I thought it couldn’t do any harm to attempt an immunity boosting, cold busting smoothie so I threw together something healthy looking with oranges, ginger, lemon, some spinach and coconut milk.


The hubster and I had the opportunity to visit our favourite local pub sans children for lunch on Tuesday. As he was on a late shift and I was off we were in that slightly odd situation of being surrounded by retirees – at least it makes you feel young!

The children have been really enjoying the new street map rug that my sister in law gave them recently – they love all things transport related and JJ in particularly has been building some super town-centre gridlock traffic jams!

Street map rug

We are finally starting to think about and plan our holidays for the year which is always exciting (although not as exciting as it would be if we were in the position to book a dream holiday to the theme parks of Florida or a yacht cruise round the Caribbean but you can’t have everything!).

And finally, JJ and I went to see the panto Aladdin with friends in Woking at the weekend. The big star was Justin Fletcher (aka Mr Tumble) who, say what you like about him, is a fab entertainer, full of fun and energy even at this late stage in the panto run. I really enjoyed it and got into the spirit this year, shouting out all the lines, having a bit of a boogie in the aisles and filling up on ice cream in the intermission. I like going to the panto in January – it feels like a post-christmas treat which is divorced from all the stresses of the season.

Happy Weekend Little Loves!

21 thoughts on “Getting back to the #LittleLoves

  1. We went back and watched broadchurch first whole season to see what the rave was all about. It was the slowed, drawn out series I have ever watched. It took what would be one episode in a usa tv drama to find a boy murdered and find its killer with no other story line and so slow for a whole season. You are better off starting second one and knowing I could sum up the entire first season in about two sentences as nothing else happens. 🙁 Maybe I am too american to understand english drama but it was slow for me. I like drama fast pace action. Episodes that blow you away and make you want to watch more right then. Not sure I will continue to season two. WOW my rant on broadchurch is over. Great to see you back with little loves. I always liked your weekly round up. Book sounds like something I would like to read. I am trying to read more and more each week. Lovely #littleloves
    jenny recently posted…The one where I feel frustrated #littlelovesMy Profile

    • I like fast moving action too and I have to admit that during The Missing and The Fall I did get a bit frustrated by the slower bits 🙂 There are an awful lot of other Little Loves raving about it though 🙂 I guess I’ve ruined it for myself now anyway. I think the book is definitely up your street and I keep forgetting I’ve still got The Good Girl to read from my Blogfest goodie bag! Have a great weekend Xx

    • Glad I’m not the only person in the UK not to get into Broadchurch! I can feel the funk tailing away already – lots of things to look forward to! I definitely need to do more blending. Xx

  2. That mat really brings back memories. My cousin had one when we were little and i was always so jealous! 🙂 Your juice sounds really nice – i haven’t done any milky ones yet, must give them a go! Have a great weekend lovely xx

  3. I’m one of the ‘Broadchurch Fans’, but can see how people wouldn’t be into it!! Good for you having a break and lucky you getting to read two books! I’ve just bought two mags to red tonight after my bath! I might have to start getting into juicing as ye are all at it!! It looks really good! Hope you have a fab weekend xxx
    Triona McKee recently posted…Little Loves Week 3My Profile

  4. I felt the same with Broadchurch! Loads of people I know missed the first season …. I will check out The Following though, sounds interesting! I’m about to buy a juicer, my mum-in-law just did the Lose 7lbs in 7 days Juice Master diet and loved it – great for building up our immune system in these flu-filled winter months! Hopping over from #littleloves , Kerry x
    Kerry recently posted…The Wrong Knickers?My Profile

    • Hi Kerry! Glad its not just me that missed the first series of Broadchurch! I think juicing is a great idea for getting us filling up on more healthy options for sure – not sure if I’d be able to have juice and no food though 🙂 Have a fab weekend Xx

    • Hi Natalie! I think I may have got my quantities a bit wrong – too much coconut milk and not enough orange juice – I only squeezed one orange in, then I had to top it off with Tropicana! Don’t watch Broadchurch (2) if you haven’t watched Broadchurch (1) is all I will say! X

  5. Lovely to have you back Sam, I’ve been a bit slow to get going this year in general. Really need to get myself in gear. I like the look of your second book, I really need to get myself a Kindle.
    I missed The Voice last Saturday but caught up on Sunday as one of our ex pupils was on. She didn’t get through but it was funny talking with the sixth formers who were in her year this week as they all had an opinion on how she did, as you can well imagine.
    Have a lovely week xx
    Not A Frumpy Mum recently posted…Little Loves 3/52My Profile

  6. I did exactly the same with Broadchurch and cant decide whether to bother with the first series or plow on with the second. The Following is amazing. I hope they make a third series but don’t know how much mileage they can get out of the premise without it getting a bit jaded.
    My husband is all about juices and smoothies atm but I’m too lazy to peel and blend all the ingredients.x #littleloves
    Louisa recently posted…My Little Loves #3My Profile

    • That is so true about The Following Louisa. Sometimes stuff just gets a bit overdone (see: Lost!). I have to admit that other than this one and a banana and peanut butter one I have been very lazy about it!

  7. Aha, like you, up until last week i had never watched a single episode of Broadchurch but after reading everyone’s comments on here, felt compelled too so have since watched the entire first series and started on the second. It is addictive but rather long and drawn out though 🙁 Good luck with the juicing/smoothies! xxx #littleloves
    Vikki Holness recently posted…#LittleLoves // Week 3My Profile

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