Cbeebies vs. Milkshake

When channels collide...

I’ll be honest here, my children watch a fair bit of TV – probably more than they should and I’d love to say that I’m working on fixing that but right now? It’s a bit of a sanity saver!ย  Having said that I’m not much of a one for doing lots of outdoorsy things in the winter months, and lots of time indoors is less chaotic if everyone is sat still for the odd half hour engrossed in the ever changing challenges of deep sea life (Octonauts), the day to day machinations of a porcine family unit (Peppa Pig) or the way in which you can shift a stuck poo (yes you read that right – Get Well Soon).

My kids aren’t too fussy (well, actually they are very fussy in fits and starts) about what channel they watch. They’ll even watch DVDs (woo hoo!) but, from my point of view there are some clear pros and cons to the two main British freeview channels (we don’t do Sky – crazy, I know!):

The most obvious point of difference? Educational value. There might be some right old tosh on Cbeebies (see Kate and Mim Mim), but Numtums, Andy’s Dinosaur Adventures, Nina and the Neurons, all bring something a bit more worthy to the table. Having said that, letting the children set the agenda on Nina… possibly not such a great idea – why are washing machines noisy? Why is my bed so bouncy? Wouldn’t it be great, just once, to see a small child ask Nina to explain what existed before the Big Bang?

And Andy’s Dinosaur Adventures may leave your child totally clued up on the main feeding habits of a tricerotops but then again it may leave them with the impression that time travelling via grandfather clock is a neat alternative to taking the bus into town.

From what I can see the Milkshake schedule likes to stick to the good old tradition of ‘life lessons’ and morality tales – like the ongoing battle between Nanny Plum and the Wise Old Elf in Ben and Holly – magic (cheating) vs. good old fashion hard work. Actually Nanny Plum often seems to get one over on the Wise Old Elf so maybe that’s a good indication of the Milkshake mentality.

Watching Milkshake: my kids get bored during the adverts (and I’m slightly worried by the ideas being planted in their heads!). Watching Cbeebies: they will audibly groan at the first note of the Katie Morag theme tune (which I actually quite like – there are times when my entire house resembles a ‘midden’ so I feel some affinity there), or Old Jack’s Boat (Bernard Cribbens – sob! Surely the last old man remembered fondly by my generation who hasn’t been outed as a filthy perv), or, heaven forbid, Rastamouse – sorry Jamaican culture, but if your police are not required to wear trousers then there’s something far more sinister going on there than the ganja trade.

If I had to choose the best programmes from each channel, it would be Ben and Holly on Milkshake (morally questionable but who doesn’t love the idea of a heavily sarcastic middle aged fairy and an ancient self righteous multi-tasking elf as a concept?) and Sarah and Duck on Cbeebies (I think I would actually watch this on my own after the kids have gone to bed… ahem).

If the kids had to choose (depending on which phase of the moon we’re experiencing you understand) it would be Little Princess on Milkshake – fair play – or Peter Rabbit on Cbeebies (JJ even picked up a catchphrase from this: “I know that for a fact” – smug bunny!).

So, there we have it – a quick televisual comparison. In my defence, the children also recently did free style painting in the kitchen (sob!), ran each other ragged and (in JJ’s case) mastered the monkey bars at the local playground and launched babyccino rockets on a mummy-time play date. I don’t want those eyes going completely square after all…


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27 thoughts on “Cbeebies vs. Milkshake

    • Thanks Mel! My two haven’t cottoned on to this whole Kinder Egg lady thing on You Tube yet although by all accounts it is the way forward in child entertainment! They did go through a phase of watching freight trains though which kept them busy for about five minutes ๐Ÿ™‚ X

  1. tehe love this post! Have to agree with Little Princess – my girlie loves it! We haven’t watched that much CBeebies really – all Milkshake. Probably as this is where Peppa is and funnily enough m #thetruthabout post is about this!! xx Sarah xx
    Sarah Howe recently posted…Easter Blooming BonnetMy Profile

  2. Fab post Sam and I love the last paragraph! We don’t have a tv, so mine watch cBeebies or YouTube. 5yo was given a Milkshake DVD on her second Xmas and watched it to death though, so I think they would enjoy it but the ads would drive me insane xx
    Mummy Tries recently posted…My First YouTube VideoMy Profile

  3. We also watch far too much TV ๐Ÿ™‚ But, the wee girls favourites aren’t too terrible, and actually she learns loads – from all her shapes, numbers and colours from Umizoomi to bizarre snippets about hospitals, transport and knights (?!) from Bubble Guppies! Although Paw Patrol is her current fave ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s all Nick Jr and Disney for us – I miss CBeebies! Thankfully, Amazon Prime video has most things, so we can avoid the adverts ๐Ÿ™‚
    Sara (@mumturnedmom) recently posted…The Truth About: the truthMy Profile

  4. We definitely watch too much TV around here, but I’m with you: it can be a sanity saver! We’re about to cut cable out of our lives, so it will definitely be an interesting transition! I may have to check out your “top picks” online to keep the little one from tearing through the house when I need to be productive!
    Brandyn Blaze recently posted…The Truth About…Content CalendersMy Profile

  5. Whatever did we do when we were kids before CBeebies was around? I think it’s great – although there are a few duds, the quality of the programming on the whole is brilliant. My kids have spent so many happy hours watching Numtums, Octonauts, Nina and the Neurons, too many others to list. For some reason they’ve never been that keen on much of what’s on Milkshake, aside from Peppa.

    In recent months they’ve just started to watch more stuff on CBBC and commercial channels such as Nick Jr and Boomerang. While there’s some good stuff there it’s much less educational and the constant adverts do drive me (and them) nuts.

    The Beeb gets a real bashing sometimes but CBeebies/CBBC – both channel and website – are fantastic resources that we shouldn’t take for granted.
    Tim recently posted…10 steps to being a better dadMy Profile

  6. I used to actually enjoy Ben & Holly because of Nanny Plum and I quite liked Little Princess. To be honest it’s the voice over artists that I love. Isn’t Jane Horrocks Little Princess? And doesn’t Nanny Plum also voice some characters on Pepper Pig? I bet they have a right giggle recording them. We have Caroline Aherne in at the moment recording Gogglebox, now she’d make a great kids TV character. Thanks for hosting Sam x #thetruthabout
    teacuptoria recently posted…Hair Watch!My Profile

  7. Jealous- very jealous. Here is Thailand the only non-satellite TV we get is really old, awful dubbed Japanese anime type trash. It’s dubbed in Thai so I have no idea what they’re prattling on about but safe to say it’s choco-block full of stereotypes as all shapes and sizes, annoying voices, violence and zero educational value. Thank heavens for Youtube and the ability to stream Mr Tumble and Peppa in an effort to avoid my kid’s brain rotting in his head.
    Mama, My Kid Doesn’t Poop Rainbows recently posted…10 Ways in Which Having a Baby is Like Being โ€˜Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidtโ€™My Profile

  8. So funny! We were on freeview until recently so my daughter was a “Cbeebies” baby but now we have Virgin with recorder. We barely watch any life tv anymore. I just set it some my daughter favourite programs are recorded from “Milkshake” etc. We have discovered Peppa Pig, Fireman Sam, Puppy Patrol and Angelina Ballerina. Then we have Amazon Prime/Netfix so we definitely never watch live tv. The couple days, the tv was only on for a hour in the evening and actually it was kinda nice. Radio through the tv is also a current favourite. Have a good Easter Weekend!
    Christina recently posted…Adventures in Blogging 2015 12/52My Profile

  9. I have to admit, I’m a flicker between the two. In a morning we have a full schedule worked out Milkshake for Peppa, Pip Ahoy, Little Princess before switching to CBeebies for Dinopaws and HEY DUGGIE (has to be shouted, never just spoken).
    Can I let you into a little secret?…I really like Kate and Mim Mim! (don’t judge me) xx
    Not A Frumpy Mum recently posted…To My Baby Who May Never BeMy Profile

  10. I’m a big secret fan of CBeebies and absolutely love Sarah and Duck, Kate and Mim Mim and Katie Moraaaaaaaaaaag (although Z gets bored with the last one :)). The milkshake presenters are WAY too happy first thing in the morning.

  11. Sam, I basically choose the kids’ TV-watching based on if the channel has adverts or not. So this means that we exclusively watch CBeebies. Adverts for children’s stuff gets on my nerves so much. Full of gender stereotypical nonsense that I’m forever attempting to shield my impressionable sons from. I really don’t want them believe that cooking and the colour pink isn’t for them. I also don’t want them to believe that artillery games and sludge are the only things for them. So we avoid channels with adverts. Anything in-between we overlook.

    However, I’m slightly appalled at that dreadful Topsy and Tim programme which seems to be rife with the aforementioned gender stereotypical. ‘No Tim, those cakes are not for YOU to decorate. Go outside and play with your quad bike’.

    Fiona @ Free Range Chick recently posted…From Flu to Al Fresco (dining)My Profile

  12. Love this, and I am the same I would lose my head if I didn’t let the kids watch their fare share of tv or movies. We probably watch more movies than actual tv so I have never seen any of these I know the shame. But we tend to stick to usa cartoons or disney jr if the tv does get turned on. Just to hear my own accents once in a while. lol But they are all the same and I know the feelings. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me. Happy Easter! #sharewithme
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