This week is Mum Turned Mom’s first Prompt of 2015 and aptly enough its the word ‘Beginnings’. As I have a hard time with January and don’t really feel much in the way of rejuvination until April, I thought I’d try my hand at my second ever piece of flash fiction. So here it is:



Nothing ever begins without something else ending first just as spring follows winter and the new year follows the old. Hanna was aware of this and knew that something had to give. She had followed her heart and moved out to the wilds – the middle of nowhere – to be with her lover, the man she had thought she would spend the rest of her life with, over five years ago now.

She was a city girl by nature and never would have chosen to give all that up until she met Simon. The things we do for love.

Unfortunately she hadn’t anticipated what the isolation might do to her or how it might be intensified by the slow erosion of all of her relationships – friends and family she had left behind. New friendships were hard to come by, maybe it’s just harder to make new friends when you reach a certain age or maybe it was Simon’s discouragement. She’d known that he was intense and his love was all-encompassing when she met him – it was a cliché but he’d swept her off her feet and high up into a bubble and by the time it burst she was way out of her comfort zone.

Little by little he had dismantled her former life and begun to take control of what she did, where she went and who she saw, wanting to remain her one and only focus in life, jealous and paranoid about all outside influences. She had dreamed of starting a family, having a little baby to love but he had always put her off and now she suspected that he was scared that a baby would present direct competition for her time and attention. As a compromise he had let her get a puppy which she had adored until it went missing one day. He never warmed to the extra presence in the house and now she wondered whether he’d had something to do with the unexplained disappearance.

She’d long since decided that she had to get away but knew that he would never let her go without a fight. But you know what they say: its fight or flight and Hanna had finally decided that flight was her only option if she ever wanted to re-discover happiness. To this end she had been saving her meagre earnings from working sporadically at the local post office (she used to be an Accounts Manager for a big city media agency!), and gathered together all the most important items she owned – the documents, the memories, the favourite clothes and shoes – and was ready to disappear into the night this very evening whilst he was out at his rugby practice. Trying to leave without a disappearing act could only end in disaster she was certain.

So this was it, the end, but then a new beginning, the start of a new life. The first buds and shoots of happiness would re-emerge after a very long, icy winter *if* everything went to plan…



15 thoughts on “Beginnings…

    • Ah thanks Sophie! I had just started reading a book called ‘Don’t look Behind You’ when I wrote this, but now I’ve finished reading it I can see where I might of kind of got half the idea from! The idea of the controlling partner is not very original I guess! Still it was just another excercise in creative writing really. X

    • It’s my second attempt at Flash fiction and thanks so much for the lovely compliment. I kind of wrote it in about an hour so it isn’t really the best effort I could have made but it fulfilled the remit 😉 X

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