Back from the dead


Hi blogging community. It’s me. I’m still here, even though you could be forgiven for having forgotten I ever existed so long is it since I last laid a finger on my keyboard with intent (no euphemism intended..).

Yes, I think these last few weeks – mostly summer holidays – have been my least blog-friendly ever and this has been my longest time away since I started blogging back in July 2013.

It’s not uncommon though, is it? I know we’re all busy, you know we’ve all been busy – even by normal standards it has been a pretty full on time filled with work, holiday clubs, road trips, days out, play dates, birthdays and family events. For us, there has also been a house move and now the start of school – Year 2 for JJ and Year R for my little EJ.

I have never felt so tired. No, scratch that – new-borns aside I have never felt so tired. Things are still slightly topsy-turvy with boxes and bags awaiting drawers and shelves – their destiny should I ever find the time to source and buy such luxuries.

And as time has passed I have gone from a lack of writing to a lack of reading, to a lack of engaging and commenting so for that, I apologise – I’m sure I’ve probably missed out on some great stuff.

But I’m back. So hello to September, hello to the MADS and good luck all you nominees. Maybe I’ll even make it to Blogfest this year…

3 thoughts on “Back from the dead

  1. Welcome back – and no need to apologise. You’ve had a busier and more draining couple of months than most of the rest of us, so perfectly understandable. Hope EJ is settling in to Reception well – Kara starts up on Wednesday. Maybe see you at Blogfest?

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