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I’ve read a lot of blog posts lately that have referenced Theodore Roosevelt’s famous quote, “comparison is the thief of joy”. It seems there is a bit of a backlash to the glossy side of life portrayed in so many places across the blogosphere. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love poring over beautifully crafted photographs of people and places, flowers, events and holidays to exotic locations – they give me something to aspire to – but it’s so easy to come away from the screen feeling a little lonely and uncomfortable amidst clutter, mismatched furniture and children dressed all in TU from Sainsburys.

I’m often comforted, entertained, and impressed by the honesty of a post which admits to the imperfect bits, has a nice little rant about the latest bug or finds the funny in the mundane, everyday bits which most of us seem to want to hide away. I feel empathy, in some cases sisterhood, and a sense of belonging in the real world.

So I’m offering you, dear reader, the opportunity to share the real bits – give your take on “The truth about…” whatever you fancy, it could be anything from blogging to dinnertime with a toddler, home decor, Christmas or family life, whatever you would like to share. It can be funny or serious, anything goes!

If you or your children have done something special, amazing, perfect I want to read about and share your pride in that achievement, as I would love you to do for mine, but there are plenty of other linkies out there for those picture perfect moments and who says the two can’t co-exist?

All I ask is that you share my badge on your post and find the time to read, comment and support a few of your fellow linkers each week. The linky will go live on a Tuesday morning and stay up until Thursday evening.

Please let me know what you think, and, if you feel compelled to share some of your (not quite so) best bits, then join me every Tuesday (the link will stay open until Thursday night).

And then the fun began...

10 thoughts on “The Truth about…

  1. Just stumbled upon this linky and sounds right up my street seeing as my blog is called Motherhood: The Real Deal haha! Look forward to linking up some of my pieces thanks for hosting!

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