Is life becoming more like The Hunger Games?

hunger games

Over the weekend I became aware of the news story that the Indonesian government is planning to use crocodiles instead of prison guards in future, the theory being that crocodiles can’t be bribed (unless you happen to find a handy stray dog or unsuspecting fellow inmate of course). I was put in mind of The Hunger Games (just replacing innocent youths with world weary cons for the sake of remaining within the confines of social acceptance). It’s also a wonderful austerity measure – I can’t really picture the crocodiles making too much of a fuss over their terms of employment – HR is unlikely to be called into any tribunals which is probably just as well.

So how long will it be until the UK government cottons on to this budget slashing measure and starts drafting in killer bees to protect the crown jewels or monkeys with yes/no buttons instead of judges and juries…Will the police service of 2045 be mostly dogs?

But if the Hunger Games revolves around contestants having to be constantly on their toes, on the lookout for dangers from both murderous fellow ‘players’ and hidden dangers planted maliciously by the game makers, then life may well be going that way. Just type ‘hidden dangers’ into Google and you can find everything there from the hidden dangers of coconut oil (I know! Coconut Oil!!) to the hidden dangers of common painkillers. And now it seems the hidden dangers of going out to a restaurant, sports fixture or concert if what happened in Paris over the weekend is anything to go by.

Every time we leave the house are we running the gamut of myriad unseen forces intent on destroying everything we believe in, if not causing actual bodily harm? And they say social anxiety is on the increase – no bloody wonder!

Not long ago the hubster and I watched a documentary about the increase in black market demand for incredibly dangerous snakes like rock pythons which often get dumped into the wild by their incredulous owners once they reach full size. Unsurprisingly snake attacks are on the rise in the suburbs of Southern Florida. I’ll admit this really doesn’t have too much of an impact on the leafy suburbs of the English home counties, but it is kind of indicative of the sensationalist, scare-mongering that we’re seeing more and more of in the media.

I’m not sure whether you feel the anxiety more as a parent – after all, part of our role is to protect the little people who can’t protect themselves. Do you find yourself lying awake at night obsessing over the hidden dangers of getting some air in the room (rabid fox attack), or the hidden dangers of the tuna sandwich they ate at lunchtime (too much mercury), etc. etc. ad infinitum?

Whilst I’m not advocating ignorance, I will give three pieces of advice to you if you have been feeling a bit nervy lately:

  1. Never commit a major crime in Indonesia
  2. Never Google ‘hidden dangers’
  3. Live your life!


And then the fun began...

15 thoughts on “Is life becoming more like The Hunger Games?

  1. Hell bloody yes!!! I haven’t personally been feeling nervy about life in relation to recent events. If I walked around believing that an attack was round the corner, and suspecting certain parts of the community, I would be one very sad and bitter individual.

    I spend a lot of time with someone like that. She is suspicious of certain people, based on their religious beliefs. She would like to see certain people ‘go home’, and it is all because she is anxious about her view of the world through the Daily Mail and the news. And this attitude is the consequence of not HAVING a life, let alone LIVING one.

    Sam, great post.
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  2. “Live your life” – definitely.

    Events in Paris and elsewhere last week have understandably evoked a visceral fear in many people and it’s easily to be paralysed by that, lock yourself in and never venture out again. (But then you never know about gas leaks, or falling debris from aircraft, or …)

    The hardest bit as a parent, of course, is that we’re not just having to think about ourselves but our children as well. How we react in situations like this goes a long way to inform how they choose to live their lives. I’ve been quite careful to be calm and measured in front of the kids, while spending some time with Isaac answering his questions about the attacks. But otherwise life goes on. It is short, it is precious and it should be enjoyed to the full – if last week teaches us anything, it is that life should not be taken for granted.
    Tim recently posted…What if Oasis had written a song about toilet training?My Profile

  3. “bribe a crocodile with an unsuspecting inmate!!” laughing to tears over that! About global fears…I live inside a US Army post 15 miles from the White House. OMG anxiety!! We’re always being prompted to “be on alert” and I don’t want to! I just want to frolic peacefully in the woods with daisies. Bear-free woods of course! It’s nice to dream. But yes also over the kids. I find I get more crazy about it too, whereas I thought I would calm down with time. I get nagging feelings to check the girls in bed to be sure they’ve not fallen asleep with play necklaces on and strangle to death. And sometimes I hit an extra rinse cycle on my washer wondering if there’s too much chemical in the soap! Hahaha. Momlife is crazylife. And we should all stay away from google!

  4. This is the type of pondering that keeps me up at night. Of course there are dangers, anywhere and everywhere, and of every type imaginable and we have to do what we can to minimize risk. However, there’s only so much you can do and spending your time worrying about all the possible dangers in the world does nothing but rob you of your life and happiness. I feel that the media does a great job of keeping us in fear, which keeps us divided and too preoccupied to worry about finding solutions to more pressing problems and issues.


  5. aww fab post Sam! To be fair sometimes I am a bit “what I don’t know won’t hurt me”. Not in ignorant way as such but I don’t tend to go looking for things to worry about. Unless it is Dr Google and then I’m panicking like a loon. Thanks for hosting xx
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  6. I thought I was going to get arrested in Dubai after I kissed my husband in public so will not commit any crime in Indonesia. I wouldn’t mind but I don’t often kiss him when I’m out and about! Life is most definitely for living, must stay away from Google…..
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  7. I loved this post! Good advice at the end! This has been a crazy week all over the world. I used to be paranoid about taking my daughter to school looking perfect just incase i got reported for her hair being unkempt! I guess experiences made me anxious as for sometime but i’m not like that anymore. if she has a strand messy so what! I’m still a good mother! I do think more people in the world are anxious though! – Angela
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    • You’ve had such a hard time Angela – it’s little wonder that you felt so paranoid about your daughter looking perfect for school. I’m glad you are able to feel less stressed and pressured to be putting across that perfect mother mask any more – none of us are perfect but we do the best we can. Xx

  8. I have to say that top of my list of things never to do would be Googlewhacking “hidden dangers”. Committing a major crime in Indonesia would come a very close second (please note that for once I am actually agreeing with you!!).

    We all have to live our lives. I won’t pretend things like the Paris attacks don’t make me worry. They do, of course they do, I’m human. If you don’t live your life, however, then the terrorists have won. Thanks fo rhosting #truthabout
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