The Truth about… #7

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Last week we had the hilarious but oh so true rules of parenthood, got to know some more about Stephanie from Life at 139a (who has tagged me for the Q&A meme – I promise to make more time to do this Stephanie – even if it’s not til January!), got an insight into managing older children and their constant refrain of ‘it’s not fair’ (I think my five year old has started this already…) and what it’s like to be the unsporty mum of three very sporty children amongst some other fab posts.

The Truth about… is a chance to redress the balance, allowing us all the opportunity to give each other a little bit more of a behind the scenes glimpse into real life, real hopes, joys, challenges and everyday hilarity. You can have a rant, get political even; cover anything from The Truth about travelling with a toddler, to The Truth about the school run, to The Truth about sibling rivalry, supermarket tantrums or the gender divide. It doesn’t even have to be about parenting.

Please link up old or new posts, if they are old posts, just re-name them (if you fancy) The Truth about…[whatever is the most appropriate description based on the subject matter].

All I ask is that you link back to my blog, include The Truth about… badge, read and comment on at least a couple of other linked posts along with my own and share the love and support – we’re all in it together. The list will be open from Tuesday to Thursday.

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And then the fun began...

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