E is for…Eyes #alphabetphoto

E is for...Eyes

And not just any old eyes but my gorgeous EJ’s eyes! He is indeed our blue-eyed boy. JJ and I are the hazel contingent which is often denigrated massively by the hubster – git! I do like the fact that this particular shot logs the fact that he is going through a big upside down sunglasses phase. And I like the reflection too as this pic was taken on our little ferryboat river crossing recently. The eyes definitely have it…

Love the Little Things Week 21


I’ve just realised that having posted in this linky for the first time last week and feeling quite pleased with all my lovely little achievements I’ve now got to spend the next 26 weeks admitting that I’m still reading Life after Life by Kate Atkinson… Did I mention I’m a very slow reader?? Other than that there were these which were handed out at my first parents induction for big school!! Eeek!! Now I really do have to be a proper responsible grown up!:

Ready for school


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