Toddlers and Teens in Devon: Part 3

If you haven’t already had the pleasure of reading about how we found ourselves at a ukelele festival, getting squirted to hilarious effect at Teignmouth and my nieces attempt to cross the channel in a £17 dinghy then pop back to Toddlers & Teens in Devon parts 1 & 2.

Part three sees us visiting the beautiful ( if questionably named) Cockington, having a close encounter with a Great White at Living Coasts in Torquay and splitting up briefly for some solo activities.

During the week we were in Torquay there was a Country Fair at one of the local villages – Cockington. It was on a Wednesday which seemed a bit weird to me (I assumed it was mostly for the benefit of tourists like us). Cockington is a pretty little place with history dating back to the iron age, an 11th century church and a huge ‘bowl’ field running up to the house at Cockington Court – a stately home built on the site of a medieval court. The village itself is now home to several arts and crafts workshops and an ancient forge – you can see everything from glass blowing to chocolate sculpting (guess which one the toddlers and teens liked best?!). The ‘picnic’ we ended up having consisted of hotdogs and chocolate fish and chips!

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Toddlers and Teens in Devon: Part 1*

On Friday 1st August at about 10.45am, a black Ford Galaxy pulled up outside my house. Out jumped my mum, dad, sister, brother in law and nieces to help me load up my own car with the million little things that you take on holiday with you when you have small children (everything from EJ’s new circus tent ‘for the beach’, to half a wooden railway, card games, sticker books, plastic racquets, picture books, wellies, sandals, splash suits, suncream, oh, and a few clothes!).

Unfortunately the hubster was not able to join us due to work commitments – even the days he was planning to join us were cancelled out by last minute training courses.

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