An Ode to Three

three of heartsI don’t remember the ‘threenage’ years all that clearly with JJ although I was plunged into the newborn juggle at that point and I’m pretty sure there were some testing times! Just lately I have had the pleasure pain of a full re-introduction to just what the age of three can bring to the unsuspecting parent. One minute you’re minding your own business, going about the old routine, the clothes, the breakfast cereal, the inevitable choice of Cbeebies brain freeze, when bam! Out of the blue, displeasure, defiance and downright dissention rear their ugly heads.

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Word of the week: unsettled


It’s been JJ’s second full week at big school. He seems to be taking it in his stride but just at the point where you think a new routine is bedding in, it seems that the dust is once again un-settling as tiredness creeps in. What started off as a pretty chaotic madcap pre-bed ‘routine’ has rapidly descended into the ninth circle of hell as JJ not only encourages his little brother to ignore me and defy my every wish but also seems to be possessed by the devil a little himself, kicking, screaming and seeming to relish this new found naughtiness.

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Living like shoulders?

Living in a town in Hampshire known as “The home of the British Army”, I thought it suitable, on a hot sunny Saturday in July, to take the kids to The Army Show – an annual family fun day where the kids can clamber over armoured vehicles to their hearts content, eat (ridiculously overpriced) ice cream and watch the soldiers (or ‘shoulders’ in JJ’s world) marching in formation before the para regiment swoops in or a Chinook helicopter lands (which, for a three year old boy is just about the most exciting thing EVER to happen!).

I was reliably advised not to bother wasting my money giving in to the predictable demands of a three year old with regards to £4 & £5 fairground rides and instead to offer to buy him a gun. Plastic obviously. JJ was lucky – he finished the day with a gun, a freebie helium balloon, and a new football.

I don’t really have a problem with children havin