A blogging holiday

Relaxing under a palm tree on remote beach

My blog is pretty much a year old this month and, particularly in the past six months, I have become more and more invested in it – both time and even money wise. I tend to find myself binning off other activities (of an evening) in favour of concentrating on either writing, reading or commenting on other peoples’ blogs. And that’s without even factoring in partaking of a little tweet here or there or fiddling about with picture editing.

I enjoy it. I like writing; sometimes I even love writing if the muse has really struck me and I am 100% invested in my subject. But sometimes my commentary and involvement with others suffers because I have set myself these high writing and posting targets and it has felt like I am ‘failing’ in some way if I’ve missed out on a regular linky or the stats have dropped off because I haven’t written and then promoted a post properly.

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In the beginning came the “holiday” blues…

Five month baby bump

Ever since I gave birth to JJ in September 2009 certain things I took for granted before have changed radically and this has led to a major mental gear change. The first instance of this phenomena came as JJ’s first Christmas approached. I remember the Health Visitor’s survey asking “do you still look forward to things?”. I thought about Christmas and my heart sank. The only things really keeping me afloat back then were baby groups at the Surestart Centre, the Library, my NCT get togethers, and the thought of all those lifelines being whipped away for the best part of three weeks (at a time when every day seemed like a year!) was too depressing to contemplate.

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What does childhood mean to me?
Sandpits, mud pies, dandilion clocks,
A time which is stress and worry free
Teddy bear’s picnics and party frocks
and getting over the chicken pox

Endless summers on the beach
or games of tag at the local park
love and loss far out of reach
Imagination easily sparked
everything colourful, nothing stark

Party games like musical chairs
skipping and hopscotch and nursery rhymes
winning a goldfish at the local fair
ducks to feed and trees to climb
the world turning slowly, a magical time.

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Mindful Saturday…

This Saturday the hubster was working so I took the munchkins over to my mum and dad’s for the weekend. I have to admit that normally, when we go over there I have been guilty of taking the opportunity to pop into town unencumbered by either of them to mooch about a bit and buy the odd birthday pressie or other necessity. This is normally while EJ is napping and therefore I tend to miss out on spending quality time with JJ. He adores his Grandma and she is fabulous with him, patiently playing games and letting him help her with the dinner preparations whether I’m there or not. However this week, for whatever reason, I decided not to go out. I had taken a couple of things over which I thought JJ might enjoy – an Usborne Appletree Farm ABCs sticker book and this  pack of colour and create headresses:

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My family

If there is one place I know I can always go and be myself, amongst like-minded people who will never judge me, will always have my back, but who aren’t afraid to criticise, its my mum and dad’s house. Take the past weekend – myself and the boys stayed the night Saturday and my sister, brother in law and nieces came over to join us for a Sunday roast the following day. It was Mother’s Day and it had also been my brother in law’s birthday during the week so there were extra reasons to be cheerful and celebrate.

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Childhood pets

Seal-point Siamese kitten

This week’s Theme Game is on the topic of ‘animals’ and those who know me well know that I’m not much into the non-humans but that wasn’t always the case…

When I was about 11 my parents decided to get a family pet. It turns out that there was only ever going to be one type of animal for our family given our feline surname and off we went to the breeder of pedigree cats in Catford (I know, you couldn’t make it up, right?!) to pick up our adorable little Siamese Seal point kitten, Ginny (named after my Mum’s grandma who I never met).

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The story of our garden…

How does your garden grow

Is everyone sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin… actually before I start this story let me just say that I’ve never been remotely interested in gardening, I’ve even managed to kill the hardiest of house plants (have you ever seen a Ficus with just 3 leaves? It’s a sad and sorry sight let me tell you) so its probably just as well that we don’t have any pets!

Fortunately for me the hubster loves a bit of gardening and will spend all day out doors trimming and pruning and mowing. Which is why when we first moved into our house he was straight out the back door to deal with the pretty unexciting shingled space we had inherited.

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And it was all yellow…

This week’s Theme Game theme from Jocelyn and Iona is “Yellow”.

In pondering the colour yellow I happened upon a few descriptions of what the colour symbolises. It is interesting to note that the colour yellow in heraldry used to symbolise honour and courage and yet nowadays its more likely to be used as a descriptive for cowardice.

Bright yellow is almost always cheerful, symbolising joy and happiness but can also be considered frivolous (you don’t see men dressed in bright yellow business suits or driving bright yellow BMWs)…
And then there are the daffodils… Spring!

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The Theme Game: White


What ‘white’ means to me:

Snow: I first went skiing when I was a tween and, whilst I wasn’t too sure about it initially, once I’d got into the swing of it I began to love it. I was extremely fortunate to be taken on several skiing holidays to Italy , France, Switzerland and Austria by my parents, went on two school skiing trips and a couple as an adult with friends to Andorra.

Nowadays there is very little chance of seeing a snow-topped peak or a chocolate box Alpine village, but I’m hoping that when the kids are a bit older we might get the chance to introduce them to the joys of hurtling down a slick white mountain on a couple of metal planks – so exhilarating!

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New brother!


Looking at the photo above I’m reminded of the day when JJ went from being an only child (at almost three years of age) to a big brother. He seemed to take it in his stride and never seemed jealous or tried to hurt EJ, and yet at the same time his behaviour went completely haywire – he became an extremely fussy eater, had some horrendous tantrums and began pushing the boundaries further and further.

Fortunately things settled down in the end and now, 18 months later, they play together, JJ refers to EJ as his best friend and delights in being the first to wake his brother and say Good Morning EJ!

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