On ruthless de-cluttering

So lately I’ve been using as much of my ‘spare’ time as possible trying to address issues in my home: namely, ridiculous piles of clutter on every surface and in every corner. Ever since I realised that home décor does actually interest me and is something I get pleasure from, I have begun to take on chores which have been neglected for, literally, years. And for the first time I am seeing rooms which I have ‘dressed’ and really enjoy spending time in, and it makes me feel like a proper grown up at last; which is weird when you consider that I’m in my early 40s and I have two small children to my name.

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Love the Little Things 29th August 2014


A landing on the Sun

This week, after recently finishing ‘One Step Too Far’ I decided to steer away from more properly ‘light’ summer reading (the summer is after all, more or less over) and I clicked into another book I downloaded on my Kindle several months ago: A Landing on the Sun by Michael Frayn. Frayn wrote one of my favourite books, ‘Headlong’ so I knew I would like his style of writing which tends to take you right along on a journey with the main character, as if you are inside their mind and a fly on the wall to their thoughts and discoveries. I was introduced to this book after reading The Happiness Project back in February and it was one of the books on the recommended reading list so, despite the fact that it is set within the walls of Whitehall and deep inside the grey civil service there is an element of mystery and intrigue and I’m fascinated to know what the secret ‘strategy unit’ project is and how it relates to happiness.

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