Sweet Potato Brownies, The World’s End and The Life You Want #littleloves


I finished The Girl on the Train and even though I did find the middle section to be a bit too drawn out, the ending was well done. After watching Eat Pray Love last week I decided to look out something along the same lines but then realised that I’ve had the Emily Barr novel The Life You Want sitting on my Kindle for a while now. It’s the story of a woman, this time a mum of two young boys, who decides to take off to India to help out a friend and try and re-capture some of the excitement of her backpacking years. It’s actually the sequel to her first novel Backpack – following the same character a decade on. I read Backpack a long time ago but I do remember enjoying it and consequently read a couple of Barr’s other books so I’m hoping I’ll enjoy this and it’ll be interesting to see a different kind of take on this story of travel as an escape from more mundane life, but this time factoring in motherhood.

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