Delilah, reindeer and cosmological wisdom #littleloves



Things have gone a bit haywire lately and all the usual reading materials have been somewhat abandoned (albeit that I have still read plenty of great blog posts and one too many Christmas Gift Guides!). I have been reading loads of Christmas stories with the kids at bedtime and we’re still loving Santa comes to <insert name of our town> that I bought last year – it makes Christmas feel really real to be talking about Santa landing in real places just around the corner from where we live!

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Why parenthood is a bit like Strictly Come Dancing…

Strictly come parenting

I don’t know about you but I love a bit of Strictly. There is no greater escape from what can be, let’s face it, the mundanity of parenting two relentless small children than grabbing your Saturday night gin cocktail (that’s gin and tonic to you and me 😉 ) and immersing yourself in a magical world of sequins and spray tan. But, hang on just a minute, lately I’ve been noticing some alarming similarities between what goes on out on the dancefloor and life with munchkins. See if you agree with my Top Ten list:

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Love the Little Things 07.11.14

I haven’t linked up with Little Things for a while – Thursdays and Fridays are always so manic both in and out of the blogosphere! But I think it’s time to slow down and, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, appreciate the good things that I’ve been up to lately so I’m back!


My current book, Skios by Michael Frayn has been on hold for a while now as I just haven’t found the time. However, I started up my very own (Tuesday) linky last week, The Truth about… offering the chance to share some of the unvarnished truths of parenting and life in general that, essentially, gives both writer and reader the reassurance that they’re not alone, a good laugh, a fascinating insight, support and encouragement when the going gets tough. I’ve been able to share some brilliant posts this week including The 20 Week Scan by Louise over at Little Hearts Big Love (made me cry a bit!) and On Highwaymen by Michelle over at Learner Mother which really made me laugh!

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