March Photo Challenge Day 15: Hat

Joe in hat and vest 2011

I know this is supposed to be a challenge which prompts you to take pictures so this is completely cheating as it is a picture of JJ taken in 2011 when he was about the same age as EJ is now. It has to be noted though that this was probably the one an only occasion that he ever allowed a hat to stay on his head for any length of time (and didn’t he look cute?!)

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March Photo Challenge Day 13: Butterflies

Blue butterflies 2

As far as the ‘Butterflies in the Glasshouse’ event at Wisley – so near and yet so far! Put off by the 80 minute queue last Friday this was a bit of  a cheeky capture of one of their inventive upside-down-umbrella-turned-butterly mobiles! Made for quite a dramatic little installation in the glasshouse there!

#SnapHappyBritMums #MarchPhotoChallenge

March Photo Challenge Day 9: Wool


So here it is: My Crochet Project. I’ve got the book, I’ve got the hooks and of course I’ve got the wool (in three very fetching shades of purple!) now I just need to try and master even the most basic of stitches! I have had one go so far but spent an entire evening just hooking and unravelling, hooking and unravelling, and felt a bit disheartened in the end. I think I need a nice patient tutor!

#SnapHappyBritMums #MarchPhotoChallenge

March Photo Challenge Day 8: Gadget

Digital Sony Walkman

So – am I the only one who thought it was a good idea to get one of these digital Sony Walkmans roundabout the turn of the 21st century? It seemed pretty awesome at the time but was almost immediately overtaken by mobile phone technology and fell rapidly into disuse (whilst still looking like a pretty nifty little gadget). Ah well, we live and learn.

#SnapHappyBritMums #MarchPhotoChallenge

Word of the Week: Angles

After deciding to join in with the BritMums March Photo Challenge via #SnapHappyBritMums last weekend I have found myself spending most of this week trying to come up with various angles to approach each day’s prompt word via the camera lens (and also the most interesting physical angles at which to begin clicking!). Some of them have proved easier than others and at other times I’ve found myself devising cunning schemes to provide a suitable subject matter (such as my idea to bake Cornish Pasties from scratch on “Cornwall” day – needless to say this fell by the wayside almost immediately!).

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