It *does* get easier

I went to see my cousin and her children the other day with JJ and EJ. She has a two and a half year old and a seven month old. They are both gorgeous but the baby is adorable – such a happy little man!

We went to a local playground and then back to hers for pizza (and a sneaky glass of white for us mummies 😊).

At one point during our conversation she asked me to reassure her that it does get easier. To be honest she looks to me like she is breezing it but I guess that’s the myth of modern motherhood. Of course my immediate default response was to think about my current parenting challenges and try and convey what it might be like for her in five years time.

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4 O’Clock in the morning


Yep – that’s the time I finally laid back down after EJ’s little crying fit last night. I rolled over, looked at the clock and it was exactly 4 am. The words ran through my mind “4 O’Clock in the morning and its starting to get light…” – Beverley Craven, Promise Me, circa 1991. This (in context) indicates two things to me: 1) it must have been high summer; and 2) the narrator of the story must have been young – late teens/early 20s in my opinion. At least that’s the only time in my life I would ever have still been up at that time in the morning, voluntarily. I just love sleep too much you see. And there’s the rub.

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