On converting dreams into realities

christina's world

I studied literature at university – American literature to be precise – which included a healthy dose of analysis of the American psyche. So when Emily Dickinson wrote “I dwell in possibility” that pretty much summed up the underpinning of a nation, which is to say the pioneer spirit which helped forge one of the most powerful countries in the world wasn’t built on a ‘no can do’ attitude. Some pretty scary decisions were made, people took enormous risks and leaps of faith. Not everyone survived unscathed.

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My Happiness Project: Back on track with a good PMA!

I think I can!

At the beginning of 2014, I was full of conviction about improving myself, my life and having some goals. I spent most of January and February feeling pretty good really, pretty happy, acting on all the advice I had read. Pharell’s ‘Happy’ was topping the charts and filling my morning drives to work with a carefree, uplifting vibe.

But as the next couple of months played out I seem to have lost a little bit of that conviction and forgotten a few key rules and pieces of advice about attaining and holding on tight to happiness. I had been filled with ideas about all the things I would achieve and all the new crafts and hobbies I could take up come April when I began dropping one day of work and gaining a few precious hours of ‘me’ time.

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