Life goals for 2016

small steps over timeI just read a post over on Californian Mum in London about not bothering with New Year’s Resolutions and to be honest, I never have bothered before – I completely agree that most of the time our goals are too lofty and we’re just setting ourselves up for a fall.

However for the first time I kind of get why we have them, why we start new stuff come January. December is such a hectic month and let’s be frank, the run up to Christmas starts so early these days that the last third of our year seems to be spent frantically preparing for the celebrations to the detriment of all else. No wonder the beginning of January not only feels like the calm after the storm but also a time when we are suddenly able to re-focus on ourselves a bit. There’s definitely a reason why a lot of people started up their blogs in January (not me – I started mine in July – I guess I’m just odd!).

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The New Year’s Tag

I was touched to see that Louise from Little Hearts Big Love had tagged me for this New Years Meme post – I’ve been so quiet in the blogging community of late that it’s hard to believe that anyone even remembers we still exist! So thank you Louise and here are my answers!:


I think my highlight of the year has to be my triumphant (?!) party planning and organisation (and the parties themselves of course) for both the boys birthdays in July and again September. EJ’s circus party was conceived by me after a bit of a brainstorm and involved me working like a dervish to produce everything from clown cake pops to a home-made circus-themed lion ball-toss game.

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The Truth about… Goals


Some people have a goal and they set their targets and never seem to take their eye from that sight, sometimes across months, sometimes years. I look at the way ReneƩ of Mummy Tries has pushed herself to get the book of her life (Become the Best You) written and published within what must have been one of the most challenging years (sleep deprivation anyone?) and I marvel. It takes a lot of self-belief to achieve something like that and it takes a lot of support

Goal setting seems to be a life strategy that allows people to continually feel that they are moving forwards to achieve something finite, something they can be proud of and cherish, then move on.

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