Facebook: Love or Loathe?


Facebook: it’s like a drug right? I keep coming back it to it time and time again and I often get that high that I’m seeking – a friend or acquaintance’s birth announcement; a happy throwback photo reminder of my (former) babies; an invitation to an event (!); a really funny picture or the heads up to a fascinating blog post that would have otherwise slipped under the radar.

I like being able to be there for my friends in their times of need – even if only through leaving a supportive comment to say I’m thinking of them; and I like being a part of the banter – I just don’t get that with Twitter (maybe I need some Twitter groups in my life?) it’s just too sprawling and random and involves constant self-editing. Facebook also gives me that comforting feeling that I’m not alone, even if I’m sitting in an empty room feeling lonely – there will always be at least one person on my friends list active at the other end of the superhighway.

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The Truth about…

Hello and welcome to the first ever edition of The Truth about… a chance for you to share whatever you want about whatever subject takes your fancy, the one rule being: no gloss allowed.

Too many of us get sucked into a cycle of self doubt when we read about the ridiculously glamorous and glitzy things our online friends seem to be up to all the time 😉 . In such circumstances, comparing ourselves to others really does suck the joy right out of our own windows – it’s true, I feel that this is a very post-modern phenomenon with regards social media.

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