Solitary confinement


How to be comfortable in your own company…

I believe it is possible to be both a sociable person and at the same time someone who is comfortable in their own company. I’ve always enjoyed having time on my own and spent many a happy hour reading a good book, blog surfing, binge-watching a DVD box set, immersing myself in a cookery challenge or even taking in a movie at the cinema on my own (admittedly I’m only prepared to do this for a matinee – going alone in the evening would still bother me even now!).

I notice now that two things that very much characterise my life, parenting and blogging, are a funny mixture of the solitary and the sociable. On the one hand blogging can be a very sociable activity – all about communicating with others, supporting and sharing ideas. On the other it is by it’s very nature, solitary and not an easy thing to share with your nearest and dearest simply because it is so personal – it is as far from a team activity as it’s possible to get!

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Having a vocation

old typewriter

I recently read this post by Sara over at Mum turned Mom. She discusses her difficulties with pronouncing to the world that she is a ‘writer’. I understand. I haven’t thought much about how I label myself in recent years, preferring to just live out each day and fulfil each role necessary (you know the score: care-giver, cook, cleaner, employee, nurse, driver, decision maker, party planner, and on, and on…) but nowadays I manage to squeeze in ‘blogger’ and ‘reader’ and ‘commentator’ too.

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