Tablet or Leap Pad/Innotab for a five year old?


In the months leading up to Christmas 2014 I began considering what I might get the boys as their ‘big’ present. At two, EJ was a bit of an unknown entity and I knew that he still wouldn’t understand the concept of a big present anyway, so in the end he got lots of nice little presents instead. However JJ is five and he was likely to be visiting at least one Santa who would be asking him what he had put on his wish list. Before I’d really given it much consideration I suggested something like a Nintendo DS to him before researching it a bit and deciding that a DS is actually a bit advanced for a five year old.

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The unanswerable questions of parenthood…

How do you stop the flashing of a flashing shoe?
Why does Father Christmas need a chimney flue?

How is Postman Pat considered to be employable?
Why is posting peanuts in the Xbox so enjoyable?

Where exactly *do* all the dummies go?
Why does school run traffic have to be so slow?

What is it with Mr Tumble and spots?
When’s the best time to transition out of cots?

Why are childcare experts all child-free?
Whatever possessed me to buy a cream settee?

What’s the record length for a game of I Spy?
Why mummy, why mummy, why mummy why?

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Cbeebies – it’s a love/hate thing…

From the sublime:

Sarah and Duck

To the ridiculous:

kate and mim mim

I know a lot of people have had some pretty harsh things to say about Postman Pat. The man is clearly an incompetent nerd. However as a piece of programming, the commissioners have gone right somewhere (see: my five year old glued to back to back episodes on the iPlayer). I know all about the secret chucklings at the mere mention of Mr Tumble’s spotty bag, – love him or hate him, he gets bums on seats. And when it comes to Topsy and Tim – well, just read this post and you’ll see that not everyone is as forgiving as me when it comes to annoyingly perky twins banging on about their big house move for SIX YEARS*.

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