50 shades of obsession

And by 50, I really mean: 5.

So without further ado here are my top 5 obsessions:

Obsession 1: The Halfway House:

The other day I had this flash of of inspiration about how to improve and beautify my home. I realised that, because there is a lot of clutter on most of the available surfaces, putting up some shelves would give me some valuable space to work with. I realise it’s not rocket science and everyone else in the world has already done this, but I digress – the point is, I didn’t then just leave it there, pencil in a quick trip to B&Q and crack out the power drill. Instead I went to Pinterest. I spent hoMy happiness shelfurs poring over beautifully coordinated, decorated and photographed shelving units. It was great! It made me happy. I told myself that this was inspirational, demonstrating what was within the realms of achievability. I even went on to clear some clutter from an existing shelf and pretty it up, creating what I’ve dubbed a ‘happiness alcove’.

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Santa arrives!

Santa's arrival on monster truck

Yesterday I took two very excited little boys (well, to be fair, one very excited little boy and a slightly non-plussed toddler) up to our local garden centre to see the arrival of Santa – on a ‘monster truck’ – surely a little boy’s dream?

It wasn’t what I had imagined by the description ‘monster truck’ – I was thinking small vehicle on massive wheels – but it was pretty impressive all the same – a shiny, American style lorry cab, adorned with tinsel and tooting it’s rather impressive whistle as it drove up the road outside to building excitement as the crowds thronged the walkways straining for their first view of the man in red.

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