Word of the week: Happy!

happy minion!

I’ve been thinking a lot about happiness lately and started reading “The Happiness Project” this week after seeing mention of it in a post over at Learner Mother. After my thoughts last week on how the outlook of other, more pessimistic or gloomy souls can drag you down somewhat (unless you can switch off without appearing rude!), I began to ponder what external factors can flick the happiness switch. Lately, for me (and I’m sure plenty of other people too) its the moment that the Pharell Williams song “Happy” comes on the radio. I instantly find myself doing a little shoulder dance, singing along, visualising that very lovable video that goes with this awesome tune – other random bods going about their days, the sun shining, the quality of the light, the feeling that everyone else who is listening to this song is somehow connected to you in a wave of euphoria. Feeling just like a room without a roof (whatever that means!). And who can fail to be tickled by the sight of a life size minion getting in on the action?
So for all those who want to bring bad news to me I will attempt to mentally channel Pharrell – “no offence to you, but don’t waste your time”.
In the spirit of idea sharing I’d love to know what flicks your happiness switch?

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