The big fifth pirate party!

Pirate party spread

So it’s finally happenedĀ  – the event that I dreamt up and began planning months ago is over – and my little boy is suddenly a big five-year-old schoolboy!

This is the fourth party I’ve thrown since having children (JJ had a second birthday party and EJ has had a 1st and a second) and with each experience I am learning how to be better and make it more impressive and at the same time stress-free. I spoke about the idea of a ‘kids party life hack‘ when I was preparing for EJ’s big circus party back in July, but even then I hadn’t got it quite right, giving myself the most massive headache of preparing 23 clown cake pops (and me, a complete cake pop virgin!). This time round I opted for marshmallow pops – just as impressive to look at but soooo much easier to make (assuming you have the right tools for the job)! Here’s a shot of my little army:

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The boy turns 1!

As I write this I am breathing a big sigh of relief. One of the things that noone tells you when you decide to become a parent is that you will need to brush up on your organisational skills because, at some point, you will be expected to fulfill the role of party planner and hostess. OK, nobody is actually expected to do this and whilst a party is a popular choice, there’s nothing wrong with choosing to take your child for a family day out instead. I do enjoy a good party though but never realised how much hard work it would be to make it haone balloonppen. And I say this with no particular pride at the amazing job I did because, quite frankly, I was a bit all over the place and there were no organised activities or games (although I did have a couple up my sleeve if they’d been needed).

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