Love the Little Things Week 9


Somehow I haven’t found the time to read at all this week. What I have ‘read’ has been the captions on a million amazing and fabulous pins on Pinterest which I have been scouring for ideas and inspiration for EJ’s circus theme birthday party (I’ve become a bit obsessed!). Oh and this:

A day at the circus


So many things I wanted to watch TV & movie-wise but in actual fact, I’ve watched on as a very proud Mummy twice this week, firstly as JJ completed his first 5Km Parkrun round Alice Holt Forest with his daddy and big sister (in the rain!).

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Chased by a Gruffalo!

Gruffalo at Alice Holt

The Saturday just gone was a real experience for my little JJ. His dad is a Parkrun devotee and has been a regular at many of our local parks, Guildford, Frimley, Rushmoor and Alice Holt Forest for the past couple of years. We often go and watch him and cheer him on, especially if the run takes him past a nice little playground or cafe :-). The idea is to do a timed 5K run with other like minded people (lots of families, children, even dogs and kids in buggies being pushed around for the ride of their lives!). Its not a competition but a chance to try and push yourself to a personal best each week. The hubster is, quite frankly, obsessed with the whole thing.

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Saturday mornings…

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned before that the hubster is obsessed with taking part in the Saturday morning Park Run initiative – a weekly event offering runners of all abilities the chance to get together and push themselves to a personal best over a 5K course. The runs take place in numerous parks around the UK, and the hubster’s latest favourite is Alice Holt Forest in Hampshire which is actually quite nice for the rest of us as Alice Holt is a lovely place to take children.

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