Why parenthood is a bit like Strictly Come Dancing…

Strictly come parenting

I don’t know about you but I love a bit of Strictly. There is no greater escape from what can be, let’s face it, the mundanity of parenting two relentless small children than grabbing your Saturday night gin cocktail (that’s gin and tonic to you and me 😉 ) and immersing yourself in a magical world of sequins and spray tan. But, hang on just a minute, lately I’ve been noticing some alarming similarities between what goes on out on the dancefloor and life with munchkins. See if you agree with my Top Ten list:

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Love the Little Things {week 3}


Wizard of Oz

I just discovered this American parenting blog called One Time Through, through a link to the Alphabet Photography Project over at Podcast which I’ve been joining in with. Although its not strictly a photography-based post, I love the fact that she has used The Wizard of Oz – (my blog Theme no less!!) as a way of talking about raising confident children. It just reminded me of why I love that movie so much. And also, it got me thinking about ways of approaching the parenting journey and key things we should be instilling in our children like confidence, an adventurous spirit alongside good behaviour and responsibility. I’ll be interested to read some more of her ideas…

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Parenthood: degrees of normality…

define normal

Re-visiting this post I wrote last November for this week’s Theme Game from Jocelyn at The Reading Residence and Iona at Red Peffer – this week’s theme being “Parenting”.

Everyone seems to agree that having your first baby is a big shock to the system (whether it be a time of doe-eyed adoration or sleep-deprived witchery). Nothing will ever be the same again and there will never be a ‘normal’ the same as the ‘normal’ you had when you were child-free.

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