My Sunday Photo 02.11.14

JJ coming up climbing rope ladder

I finally remembered to take my proper (if not DSLR) camera out with me the other day when we popped along to our local playground. I was happy about this because it was an unseasonably warm autumn day and the sun was going down which meant everything was bathed in the most glorious late afternoon light.

JJ absolutely loves these rope climbing frames at the moment and really wanted to go up and down this one, much to his brother’s frustration! I remember so clearly the days when JJ was too little to climb it but insisted on being fully indulged in his, frankly, ludicrous attempts to scale the unscaleable. Turns out EJ is just the same!

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Collaborative hoovering

005I’d like to think I’m not the only person out there who’s house cleaning standards dropped somewhat with the advent of children. Not to say that my home was ever a Mecca of dazzling surfaces and rarely was furniture ever moved – even in spring. Nowadays though, the entire fiasco generally consists of an hour and a half flying around the house with a cloth and a hoover once a week on a Tuesday afternoon. Occasionally a dustpan gets involved.

Last week however, my annual leave petered out at work with three whole weeks left to go. Drastic action had to be taken in order to fulfil my lacklustre yet obsessive need to maintain my own half-arsed standards. Yes, that’s right, I enlisted the assistance of the boy.

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