Orange cake, floaty scarves and jam jar vases #littleloves


This week I have mostly just continued reading The Book of You by Claire Kendal. In blog world I have really enjoyed A Guide to Play with Preschool Children over at Eeh Bah Mum (he hee!) and How Living with Babies is Like Living with Students by Wry Mummy.


This week the hubster and I have started watching the first series of The Blacklist with James Spader. I know we’re way behind on this one but I heard good things about it from colleagues at work so we’re giving it a go. Four episodes in we’re interested but not necessarily hooked yet… In other news, I also watched Top Gear – the hubster’s favourite show (right up there with River Monsters – which reminds me – does that man have a death wish??) and since that viewing – shock news – Clarkson has been sent to the naughty step so it’s goodbye to stars in reasonably priced cars, tame racing drivers and the hamster in the Mazda – at least for a few weeks…

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