My Sunday Photo: Ludo


After what has been quite an unbelievably relentless period of obsessive introversion with the help of my Kindle tablet and Peppa Pig on You Tube, JJ has recently been introduced to the boardgame Ludo by his Grandma and cast aside advanced technology in favour of the live action dice rolling thrill of a real board game. It was nice to actually play a game like this with him, watching his excitment over rolling a six and listening to him confidently counting out his moves.

However, come Tuesday evening I soon realised that his obsessive nature was back – and this time it involved holding Mummy hostage to game after game and refusing point blank to go to bed!

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My Sunday Photo 02.11.14

JJ coming up climbing rope ladder

I finally remembered to take my proper (if not DSLR) camera out with me the other day when we popped along to our local playground. I was happy about this because it was an unseasonably warm autumn day and the sun was going down which meant everything was bathed in the most glorious late afternoon light.

JJ absolutely loves these rope climbing frames at the moment and really wanted to go up and down this one, much to his brother’s frustration! I remember so clearly the days when JJ was too little to climb it but insisted on being fully indulged in his, frankly, ludicrous attempts to scale the unscaleable. Turns out EJ is just the same!

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My Sunday Photo 26.10.14

An autumnal offering

I was inspired to create this little autumnal friendship gift by the lovely Emma over at Life at the Little Wood who made a very similar little jar of autumnal beauty recently. I think it turned out rather well. It includes a bought rose, fabric oak leaf as a decorative touch and the prettiest seasonal offerings from my garden.

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