On Blogfest

Blogfest funny

So that’s it – I’ve finally popped the conference cherry thanks to Mumsnet! This was huge for me – I have been avidly stalking following the updates and lowdowns of ‘people like me’ as they have jetted around from Britmums to Blogcamp this year, being fed delicious cakes and valuable techie tips to put them one step ahead of the competition (I know, I know, it’s not a competition!). So I had pretty high expectations of what this day would bring and spent some time obsessing over what I would wear and just how many business cards I would need (extremely amusing in hindsight having returned home with 99 out of my 100 lovingly designed expressions of intention).

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Love the Little Things week 7


This week I finished Emily Barr’s The Sleeper after only starting it last week!! It must be a record or mean something significant. Whilst it wasn’t as good as Gone Girl (Gillian Flynn) it had the same sort of vibe and it was enjoyable enough for me to have sought out another book by Barr which I’ve now got all loaded up and ready to go on my Kindle. This one is called The Life You Want and tells the story of a mother of two who has a seemingly perfect life but feels like she’s cracking up and escapes to India to rediscover herself. I am really into summer reading mode now and I love the premise because who hasn’t felt like that at some time and wanted to escape alone to somewhere exotic?

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*Not* a BritMums Live round-up

Not BML 2014 logo

So I’m sure by now anyone who knows me and my blog knows that I didn’t make it to BML this year, despite having bought a ticket, months in advance. I know I’m not the only one to have missed out and regretted it (to some extent – I did have a lovely* family holiday instead to compensate!). I know this because during significant chunks of Friday and Saturday I was obsessively scanning the Twitter, searching for updates, descriptions, photos… I wasn’t disappointed, there was plenty going on – I got to salivate over pictures of free cake, drool over shots of free Lindemans, wonder at pretty outfits in toilet selfies, and rest assured that no one was left like a lemon sitting all alone in All Bar One!

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