A Family get together at Box Hill

Box Hill - tea 2

This past weekend was one of the hubster’s work weekends. I often take the boys over to my parents house at times like this, but they are currently holidaying in Sicily (lucky things!). Fortuitously, we had been invited down to Salisbury to stay the weekend with my sister-in-law and her two boys, where they have just moved into their new house after a five year stint in Germany. Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances this plan had to be postponed. On the up side this left us free to arrange a get together with my sister, brother in law and nieces for a lunch date on Sunday.

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Muddiest child ever?


This Sunday was one of those that the hubster spends working a late shift, meaning that he is not around during the morning (went to bed super late after the previous night’s shift) and isn’t around in the afternoon (back at work). I normally pack myself and the kids up and migrate over to my mum and dad’s for the weekend when this happens – its good to have the company and support – but this weekend they had plans both days so I arranged to meet up with one of my best friends who I met through the experience of motherhood. Her hubster works Sundays too so it was the perfect excuse for us to hook up with the kidlets. We planned a lunch at a local family-friendly pub/restaurant where our table was perfectly positioned… right next to the soft play zone. The kids were both pretty well behaved and ate well too. Then, as it was dry and even vaguely sunny, we headed five minutes up the road to Alice Holt Forest in Hampshire where there is a lovely big wooden play zone complete with full on pirate ship, plus little log cabins and wooden train as well as all the more mundane swings and slides.

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