The New Year’s Tag

I was touched to see that Louise from Little Hearts Big Love had tagged me for this New Years Meme post – I’ve been so quiet in the blogging community of late that it’s hard to believe that anyone even remembers we still exist! So thank you Louise and here are my answers!:


I think my highlight of the year has to be my triumphant (?!) party planning and organisation (and the parties themselves of course) for both the boys birthdays in July and again September. EJ’s circus party was conceived by me after a bit of a brainstorm and involved me working like a dervish to produce everything from clown cake pops to a home-made circus-themed lion ball-toss game.

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My Angel


I’ve just discovered what’s known as a ‘linky’ thing through another website called Podcast

Its called What’s the Story and its an open invite to choose a picture which means something special to you and tell the tale behind the image.

This one dates back to Christmas 2010. It makes me laugh and it reminds me of an answer I gave in one of my NCT ante-natal sessions. Our leader went round the circle asking what it was we were most looking forward to about having a baby. I can’t really remember what everyone else said but I’m fairly sure they were really focussed on the whole ‘baby’ thing. At the time I had been with my partner for about three years and got to know his daughter from a previous relationship. She was only two when we got together and I think spending time with her flicked the switch on my biological clock. The time I did and didn’t spend with her also left me feeling somewhat impotent. Anyone who has ever had a relationship with a partner’s child must know how it feels when you develop a love for them and a feeling of protectiveness and closeness (she once called me her best friend – I think we were going through the checkout at Tescos at the time), but you are also kept from them at the most important moments – the special occasions in a little child’s life: sports days, nativity plays, easter parades. This was the thought that struck me when I realised what it was I was most looking forward to – motherhood as THE special person in that gorgeous little person’s life – the one who gets to make all those important decisions and be there at all those fun events.

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