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The Cuckoo's CallingSince I last posted I’m afraid to say that I haven’t really picked up The Life You Want again – BUT! – I have started reading the book Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life by Anne Lamott which is an interesting read if you have ever had any desire to be a writer and what to expect (and not to expect!). I also saw that JK Rowling had the third in her crime trilogy (written under pen name Robert Galbraith) out and I was intrigued so I have bought the first in the trilogy, The Cuckoo’s Calling, on my Kindle and started that too. Needless to say I’m not really getting anywhere fast with any of them but it is good to have something to turn to should the telly selection suddenly taper off, however:

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Love the Little Things 28.11.14

READ Tesco magazine I picked up a free copy of the Tesco magazine/gift guide when I was in there on Tuesday and had a little flick through. I always love this kind of thing as it helps to give me some pressie ideas and get me in the festive mood. I’m really into my home-made gifts this year too so I was interested in the section on home cooked treats – I’m particularly taken with the gingerbread popcorn… WATCHED

 I caught up with a bit of Strictly that I’d missed the week before and my new favourite is definitely Simon Webbe (of boy band Blue). I know I’m likely to be either preaching to the converted, or falling on the deaf ears of people with no interest in this genre, and maybe it just wouldn’t be the same to watch one dance out of context, but I highly recommend you look up Simon’s Argentine tango from week 8 – there is generally one dance in each series (mind you I don’t watch every year) which I love so much it sends chills down my spine and I have to put on repeat and this was definitely it for me. I’m also still keeping up with The Missing, The Apprentice and The Fall – it’s a great time of year for TV! HEARD After watching that Argentine tango I was reminded how great the Moulin Rouge soundtrack is – I love that version of Roxanne! I love David Bowie’s Nature Boy and Ewan McGregor’s version of Your Song is better than the original for me. I’m also anticipating hearing some lovely carols with the kids as I discovered this children’s book with a CD containing all the most well known songs. WORE It has very much been an Ugg boot (Bearpaw in my case) kind of week as the termperatures have plummeted. Scarves and gloves have been retrieved from dark corners. I also decided to go for green sparkly nails this week (I’ll be looking for some red sparkly in the shops so I can try out an alternate red/green look for Christmas 🙂 ) and have discovered that my new hair cut allows me to rock the ‘tousled’ look which works so well as I don’t have the time to style my hair much with kids demands to see to or fights to referee! (I barely manage to get my eye liner on in a straight line most days!) MADE I excelled myself this week with two Christmas Mason jar projects under my belt – both of which turned out to be exceedingly quick and easy. The first: my home-made snow globe, the components being: jar, glue, glitter, baby oil and a little figurine and snowy tree I bought from the local garden centre. The second, and this one I’m not sure whether I should be publishing, as they will be gifts (I’ll just assume that any intended recipients will appreciate the back story!) is a few jars of brandied cherries. I think I might have to keep one of these… 🙂 AND LASTLY… After my recent panic about not being ready for Christmas, I am beginning to feel a little bit more together now! I had a chance to make some decisions about what home-made gifts I would concentrate on and buy some supplies, and I have an idea about one or two Christmas outings for the boys. I have even hooked out their advent calendar and bought some choccies to put in the pockets. We saw Santa arrive (at the local garden centre) on a monster truck on Saturday with our friends (and treated ourselves to cake, coffee and fruit shoots afterwards – I had the most divine vintage rose cake (note to self, photograph everything! Blogging fail!! ). Happy Weekend Little Loves!


Love the Little Things 14.11.14


Red magazine

Everything Blogfest from the programme, to the Twitter feed scrolling above the panellists heads on the day to the free copy of Red magazine that was included in the goody bag!


The apprentice

Some entertaining, enlightening and thought-provoking panel discussions and ‘Think Bombs’ at Blogfest on Saturday. This was my very first blogging event and it was, on the whole, a very positive, enjoyable experience. People watching took on a whole new meaning too as the people I was watching were strange yet familiar at the same time. I guess this is a bit like going to a school reunion after a 25 year gap and seeing people who are both well known yet completely different…

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