Love the little things

I’ve been a voyeur into this linky (run by Morgana over at Butwhymummywhy?) for a while, feeling like I couldn’t possibly join in because it would actually involve doing something other than childcare, work, housework or blogging. Then I realised that I actually need someone to give me a reason to pick up a good book, watch something entertaining, listen to some music I love – basically just re-gain a bit of balance in life.

So here is my week of little things:


So I finally got around to picking my current great read back up, winner of the Costa Novel Award, Kate Atkinson’s Life After Life. Its the story of a girl who gets to live and re-live her life over and over again, making up for each mistake along the way. Its set across the war years and the writing is so typically witty and on the money for Atkinson. I’m really enjoying it.

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