Word of the Week: Indecision

IndecisionOK, so it hasn’t been a completely indecisive week – I finally got around to making provisional bookings for both children’s birthday parties (July & September) and I was really quite decisive about how I wanted my hair cut (a bit of long layering) (and besides, after an 8 month wait anything was going to be an improvement!).

But then, I went to book an appointment for a (well overdue – slapped wrist!) cervical smear only to find that the only day I’m really free is the one day of the week that there is no Well Woman clinic running at my surgery. So now I have to decide whether to take annual leave from work, or try and find a babysitter to get this unpleasant, but ultimately essential task done…

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Where did it all go right?


I have to admit to getting easily wrapped up in what can feel like the everyday drudgery and exhaustion of being a part time working mother of a young toddler and a pre-schooler. I don’t like to think of myself as ‘glass half empty’ or a pessimist, negative-thinker, etc, etc, but sometimes I guess someone who doesn’t know me better might be mistaken for thinking that I am that way inclined due to the fact that I sometimes air negative feelings in public forums instead of trying to project a relentlessly cheerful and upbeat portrait of my life at all times. In actual fact it gets me down when I’m around an ‘Eeyore’ personality and makes me realise that in practice, I err on the side of positivity and always try to remember that life is not just a flat line but a series of ups and downs, good times and bad times.

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