Duck egg blue, Catastrophe and fuzzy buds #littleloves


Home decor mags

After getting a little home décor boost by having the lovely Emma of Life at the Little Wood pick up on my idea for a Happiness Shelf (tm 😉 ) and spread the word, I have become slightly obsessed with home improvement and decided to join in Emma’s obsession by getting myself a copy of Ideal Home magazine and then going a bit more down market with Your Home (I was lured in by the promise of a tutorial on how to put up a floating shelf!).



I’d watched the first episode of Catastrophe a couple of weeks ago and enjoyed it but I was at a loose end last Friday and returned to slightly obsessively watch the next five episodes back to back. It’s really funny – the main characters are likeable and relatable. As a mum you can only look on with a certain amount of pity for what is about to happen to their lives 😉

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