The blogging community: changes afoot?

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There seems to be a lot of talk lately about the loss of that sense of community on our personal blogs. I’m not sure about everyone else but I seem to be added to a new Facebook blog group every week at the moment and after my recent post about my love/hate relationship with that platform it occurs to me that this may be another part of the problem. I get notifications every time anyone adds a comment to a thread I’ve shown an interest in so every time I look at my phone I seem to have at least 16 notifications which gives me a dose of social media/information overload.

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Why do we love lists?

List lovingIf you’re a blogger, or even if you’ve ever just browsed the online media, you will be well aware that one of the most popular formats for a post/news-related story is the ubiquitous list.

I am sticking this very post on to one of my own favourite linkies from the parenting/lifestyle niche – aptly entitled ‘The List’ – so I’m sure a few readers may also be fascinated by this phenomenon!

Personally I like making lists as I’m sure do many people – a to-do list provides a written reference to a set of (hopefully!) attainable goals and gives you some accountability and structure in how you organise your time.

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Mindfulness and the Slow Movement #PoCoLo


I recently read a post by a blogger I haven’t come across before (found through the Britmums My Best Post of the Week linky) called Josie, who’s post on managing and coping with motherhood (primarily, I feel aimed towards a complete newbie who hasn’t yet had a chance to get their head round the life-altering change a baby brings) got me thinking about mindfulness and how to live more ‘in the moment’ in general.

Anyone who knows me well will tell you that I tend to be quite an anxious person and often find myself worrying about one thing or another. I get stressed out quite easily and having a child exacerbated this no end! Having two children has cranked it up to stress volume overload! I even began developing a ‘stress rash’ – a small area on my left arm which flares up into an angry, itchy, raised rash the day after a particularly stressful, angry or overwhelmingly negative experience. Its a classic example of the mind alone bringing  something that’s not really real into full physical existence.

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