Delilah, reindeer and cosmological wisdom #littleloves



Things have gone a bit haywire lately and all the usual reading materials have been somewhat abandoned (albeit that I have still read plenty of great blog posts and one too many Christmas Gift Guides!). I have been reading loads of Christmas stories with the kids at bedtime and we’re still loving Santa comes to <insert name of our town> that I bought last year – it makes Christmas feel really real to be talking about Santa landing in real places just around the corner from where we live!

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A Christmas awakening


I recently read a post by a blogger who’s writing I absolutely adore and always return to – Jenny of Unremarkable Files is funny and clever with her writing and always open about the craziness of the parenting experience without diminishing the sense that she gets great joy from family life.

What makes Unremarkable Files even more remarkable to me though is the fact that Jenny’s life and experiences differ from mine in three fundamental ways: firstly, she is American (admittedly as cultures we share a lot so that’s not major); secondly she is a mother of five (soon to be six) and thrives as the centre of a big family (I’m very happy to stick with two!); and thirdly and most significantly, she is a Mormon and the faith is clearly a significant part of her life.

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