There’s no place like home…

There's no place like home

This week’s Theme Game theme is ‘home’. It’s funny how, no matter where I go, or where I live, or where I choose to settle, there is still a little corner of South West London which will always be my true home. My parents still live there, perhaps without them there it wouldn’t be the same. I know that when they sold my childhood home, 11 years ago now, I didn’t mourn for that particular house the way I thought I would.

But now, when I visit Teddington, Hampton Wick, Kingston, Richmond and Twickenham it does feel like going home. Places like Bushy Park (where I learned to ride my bike), The Teddington Cheese (which used to sell coal!), the Anglers pub down at Teddington Lock, the Broom Road ‘Wreck’ (as I always used to think it was spelled) where I swang almost high enough for my feet to touch the branches, before running down to the riverside to feed the ducks and make swings in the fronds of the many willow trees lining the banks, or climb into their gnarled branches for an impromptu picnic – all these places are a part of who I am.

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I’d like to think if I had the time I would be exploring gourmet recipes every day (a bit like the contenders on Master Chef). Cooking is something I enjoy immensely, especially experimenting with recipes more adventurous than I’m used to.

I have also recently a) decided enough is enough after putting on about a stone in weight in the space of three months – the three months I have been back at work since maternity and b) started reading “The Flat Tummy Club Diet” by Kate Adams and trying to take on board the idea of living a healthy lifestyle (although I still haven’t found a space in my life for any kind of cardio excercise).

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