Trains and boats and Palace picnics

As I mentioned in my Mindful Saturday post, we spent last weekend over at my mum and dad’s house whilst the hubster was working. Its nice to be able to do this as the boys love their grandparents, I enjoy adult company and conversation and the folks get to witness some of the cuteness, adorability and funny little moments (as well as a few fights and tantrums – sorry about that guys!).

Sometimes my sister and her family come over to join us all on a Sunday afternoon but last weekend they were all busy so we decided to finally take JJ up on his constant badgering for a trip on either a bus or a train, and my Mum devised an off the cuff outing. We toyed with the idea of taking a trip to Kew Gardens but knew that would involve both a train, a tube and quite a bit of money for entrance fees. Then we were going to take a train to Richmond and hop on a boat back to Hampton Wick along the Thames but it transpired that boats weren’t stopping where we needed them to. Finally we settled upon a train journey to Hampton Court (this is quite ironic when you look at the map!) a picnic in the Palace grounds (the outer bit is completely free to enter so that was a no brainer!) and then a boat back from there. And how lucky we were with the weather! It was an absolutely beautiful sunny day.

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Word of the week: Outside!


Isn’t it amazing how a little bit of sunshine can turn your life around in 24 hours? Last weekend we had two outings – one to Fisher’s Farm Park and one to Hampton Court (post to follow!) and on Monday we were very kindly invited over to a friend’s house to take part in a little impromptu Easter Egg Hunt in their garden, which will be the first of three for the munchkins! (God help us when the chocolate *really* kicks in!!).

My mum also took the pair of them to Alice Holt Forest on Wednesday morning for a picnic and apparently the place was heaving! She was relieved that they had arrived relatively early because cars were literally being turned away by the time they left.

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