#shelfies, Gorillaz and laying low #littleloves


This week I have mostly been whistling through Sleep Tight which I have mentioned before. I’m having one of those problem weeks where everything I’ve done has just been a continuation of what I already started and posted about previously – blog fail!


Again I haven’t really discovered anything new this week – I’m keeping up with The Voice blind auditions, still making my way through Walking Dead Season 4 and actually, that’s about it.


I am really loving Sugar by Maroon 5 at the moment – it’s cheesy but it makes me want to smile and sing along which can only be a good thing!
For some reason I also re-discovered my old Gorillaz album Demon Days this week – I still really love Feel Good Inc. I have also heard quite a lot of my own voice attempting to sing EJ to sleep at bedtime. I tend to scroll through the same four songs and I wanted to widen my repertoire a little with Amazing Grace and The Skye Boat Song but I can never remember the lyrics so I looked them up on You Tube. This version of Amazing Grace made me well up a bit! (I still can’t remember the lyrics)…

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