When Tots100 rankings go south…


Last month I decided it was about time I took my blog on a bit. Don’t get me wrong I have loved having my little space to practise my writing skills, waffle on about randomly occurring thoughts, document the ever growing & changing munchkins and the parenting journey as it happens, from the frontline. I still do and I don’t want it to become the kind of place where people see only reviews and sponsored posts and mourn the loss of real content. But, I would like to mix it up with a couple of tastefully chosen reviews – I’m particularly enchanted by the kind of child-friendly sponsored days out I see on some of the blogs I really enjoy a lot. Now I’m assuming that these kind of gigs are a lot easier to come by the higher your ranking?

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Word of the Week: Self-Hosted!

Self hosted

I know, I know, I’ve read very similar posts by others in the past too and it’s really a very personal thing. I’ve been putting this process off for, literally, months. I decided to go self-hosted and up my game back in April – probably just round about the time that Sara from Mum Turned Mom posted her really helpful guide at which point I popped over to TSOHost and laid down my fiver for ownership of andthenthefunbegan.co.uk. I also made enquiries immediately with Helen Braid from Ellie Illustrates and assumed that having a re-design would necessitate the move to self-hosted. It turns out that that’s simply not the case – she can design a header which fits in perfectly with the WordPress Forever theme and slot in a nice little page background too with no effort whatsoever on your part. I enjoyed designing my new look  but I guess I then laid back on my laurels and just decided not to worry too much about making the big techy move – something which kind of scared me!

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