Treats, trials and tribulations

EJ Penguin

I haven’t been able to write too much lately – life has been completely knackering and if I’m going to write then my optimum time seems to be mid-morning which is really unfortunate due to the fact that I am rarely unoccupied mid-morning. However I have managed to find a few things to love lately.

My favourite programmes recently have been: the BBC3 comedy Cuckoo with Greg Davies who is brilliant (and also used to teach drama at my old secondary school! [way after my time I should add]). I just love the silliness of it all – all the characters are written so well; Happy Valley – so sad it’s over already, another tour de force performance from Sarah Lancashire; The Voice UK – I know, I know, so predictable of me but I enjoy this so much more than something like X Factor, although now it’s going to the live shows it remains to be seen if the natural talent will survive duff song choices. I think Boy George has turned out to be a pretty good judge as far as I’m concerned, I have agreed with most of his choices although Ricky has the best team in my opinion – Kevin Sim’s performance of Chandelier is definitely going to be one of the series highs; and Thirteen – another BBC drama series, this time the story of a girl who was snatched from the streets by a man who kept her hostage in his cellar for 13 years before she manages to escape. It’s not quite as straightforward as it sounds though as the details of what actually happened behind those four walls gradually emerges.

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Funny and clever!


So I really wanted to write a nice long meaningful post after reading (and sometimes even commenting on!) other people’s thoughts on the Great British Breastfeeding Bribe and The Child Abuse Publishing Scandal in the past week, but it turns out that once again its a case of me against the clock and the clock is winning by a country mile! In place of said post, I will share these two things which my children have done in the last week to make me smile (apologies to those of you who have already been regaled with the glad tidings):

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At the swings today: how we laughed

For the first time in several weeks we had a chance to spend a little bit of time with the hubster’s 9 year old daughter this afternoon. Of course JJ was thrilled – he loves her to bits although, like all siblings, they generally end up fighting like cats and dogs.

Today they were treated to lunch out at one of the hubster’s favourite lunch spots – Morrisons!! As I was at home whilst EJ napped I can’t comment on that. However when they returned we all decided to go out en masse down to our local recreation ground  for swings and ice cream.

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