My favourite season


Its funny how, as you get older, you discover and accept more and more about yourself and who you are.

I realised recently that I’m a sucker for anything that brings transformations and for that reason my favourite times of year have to be spring and autumn. I guess this is very much a geographic thing as well because there are certainly places in the world where these seasons might slip past without note, but in the UK spring brings that most wonderful introduction of colour back into the world, with the blooming of huge golden daffodil patches and lush little bright green leaves unfurling on the trees. There is a sense of relief that light and warmth and the ability to spend more time outdoors are within reach.

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Where did it all go right?


I have to admit to getting easily wrapped up in what can feel like the everyday drudgery and exhaustion of being a part time working mother of a young toddler and a pre-schooler. I don’t like to think of myself as ‘glass half empty’ or a pessimist, negative-thinker, etc, etc, but sometimes I guess someone who doesn’t know me better might be mistaken for thinking that I am that way inclined due to the fact that I sometimes air negative feelings in public forums instead of trying to project a relentlessly cheerful and upbeat portrait of my life at all times. In actual fact it gets me down when I’m around an ‘Eeyore’ personality and makes me realise that in practice, I err on the side of positivity and always try to remember that life is not just a flat line but a series of ups and downs, good times and bad times.

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