Facebook: Love or Loathe?


Facebook: it’s like a drug right? I keep coming back it to it time and time again and I often get that high that I’m seeking – a friend or acquaintance’s birth announcement; a happy throwback photo reminder of my (former) babies; an invitation to an event (!); a really funny picture or the heads up to a fascinating blog post that would have otherwise slipped under the radar.

I like being able to be there for my friends in their times of need – even if only through leaving a supportive comment to say I’m thinking of them; and I like being a part of the banter – I just don’t get that with Twitter (maybe I need some Twitter groups in my life?) it’s just too sprawling and random and involves constant self-editing. Facebook also gives me that comforting feeling that I’m not alone, even if I’m sitting in an empty room feeling lonely – there will always be at least one person on my friends list active at the other end of the superhighway.

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Someone help derail my train of thought!!

speeding train

I was going to say that my train of consciousness is being very British at the moment – it really wants to go somewhere but it can’t because there’s too many of the wrong kind of leaves on the line. However, on reflection this is not actually true. For the past two evenings I have put the boys to bed, had a bath and something to eat, settled down to check emails, Facebook and any interesting blog updates intending to then move on to something more productive, but my train has been derailed and gone shooting off on a tangent, visiting random stations that were never meant to be on the schedule.

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On cyber relationships and online communications

It’s a funny thing but, having only been blogging for 4-5 months, I realise that I now have a load of new friends through this endeavour as well as feeling like I am part of a dynamic and fast-moving enterprise which is quite exciting in itself. Obviously I have also been living partially in cyber-space for as far back as the introduction of Friends Reunited (remember that? Part of the dark, distant past of the social networking world!) and I jumped into FaceBook with both feet (bypassing the likes of MySpace and Bebo) a long time ago too.

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