The law of attraction?

I’ve written before about having a positive mental attitude (with all disclaimers for those who suffer with clinical depression/hormonal imbalance, etc.), and it’s a subject I regularly come back to. I think it’s even more important in times of adversity: when ‘bad’ things happen (things which you wouldn’t have chosen, or things which were completely out of your control) it’s important to remember that you have it in you to regroup and find the silver lining.

I recently went on Amazon Prime Video and I wanted to find a movie to watch which would fit my mood. It occurred to me that some of my favourite movies are ones which inspire me in some way, or convey a really universal truth about how to find happiness in life. Groundhog Day is a perfect example – not only is it a really funny film (Bill Murray’s best performance in my opinion) but it provides the ultimate message: that until you stop expecting good things to happen no matter what you’re like, or what you do, or how you treat others, you cannot move forwards towards real fulfilment – you have to make a change in yourself.

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Raw brownies, wanderlust and summer highlights #littleloves

I’m back for more #Littleloves – woo hoo!


This week I have become really a bit obsessed with finding pockets of time to keep reading The Girl on The Train – I have literally been losing sleep! It’s quite a compelling read but the jury is out on whether I will feel satisfied with it depending on how it ends – I’ll keep you posted!

In blog-land two of my favourites this week were Jess’s brilliant take on Rudyard Kipling’s If  (for mums) and Tim’s Wednesday Words of Wisdom “Be a Voice, not an Echo”.

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