The truth about ‘Us’ time

The truth is, I wrote this post a week ago but I have been struggling with blogging recently – life has got in the way, but, as this post testifies, that’s not necessarily a bad thing…

After mulling over the nature of the blogosphere in December last week I came to the conclusion that, a bit like the housing market, things slow down – for everyone – at this time of year. For this reason it is a good time to down tools, ease off the linkies, switch off the stats and back away from the iPhone.

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A Quiet Week…


This week has been a very quiet one for myself and the family. Despite it being December now we didn’t actually have any Christmassy outings arranged for the weekend although we did put our tree up and decorate it (ridiculously early for us but I’m enjoying it’s twinkly presence and impressed with the fact that 2 year old EJ has mostly left it alone!).

As always on Tuesdays I have a list as long as my arm of things I need t cram into my six free hours. This always seems like such a luxury and I know I’m very lucky to have this time but I never, ever, get everything done and I’m usually both worn out and a bit disappointed by the time the school run rolls around because I’ll have had to shelve at least one or two things on the to do list! This week the Christmas cards and most of the wrapping was left undone, but at least I gave the house a good clean and tidy!

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