Cbeebies vs. Milkshake

When channels collide...

I’ll be honest here, my children watch a fair bit of TV – probably more than they should and I’d love to say that I’m working on fixing that but right now? It’s a bit of a sanity saver!  Having said that I’m not much of a one for doing lots of outdoorsy things in the winter months, and lots of time indoors is less chaotic if everyone is sat still for the odd half hour engrossed in the ever changing challenges of deep sea life (Octonauts), the day to day machinations of a porcine family unit (Peppa Pig) or the way in which you can shift a stuck poo (yes you read that right – Get Well Soon).

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Word of the Week: Inconsistent


In the last week and a half I have had the opportunity to meet up with two lovely new friends I’ve made through blogging – Elfa from Californian Mum in London (who invited me along to a fab beauty promo event at John Lewis) and Hannah from First Time Mummy who lives ten minutes from me and invited me over for tea and a chat. Talking to other bloggers has made me realise that I’m ready to stretch myself a bit more – I’m ready to go self-hosted, make a bit more of an effort with promotion and appearance (which is not to say that I’m not still a little bit in love with the Wizard of Oz header that I designed and Helen from Ellie Illustrates created months and months ago now), and potentially take on a few review gigs.

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Cbeebies – it’s a love/hate thing…

From the sublime:

Sarah and Duck

To the ridiculous:

kate and mim mim

I know a lot of people have had some pretty harsh things to say about Postman Pat. The man is clearly an incompetent nerd. However as a piece of programming, the commissioners have gone right somewhere (see: my five year old glued to back to back episodes on the iPlayer). I know all about the secret chucklings at the mere mention of Mr Tumble’s spotty bag, – love him or hate him, he gets bums on seats. And when it comes to Topsy and Tim – well, just read this post and you’ll see that not everyone is as forgiving as me when it comes to annoyingly perky twins banging on about their big house move for SIX YEARS*.

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